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As a Consultant at Earth Finance, Benjamin Ma supports the team in the evaluation, research, and execution of all projects and operations. 

His passion for climate and sustainability began in the Equatorial Pacific, where he spent ten weeks sailing through the Phoenix Islands Protected Area, the world’s largest and deepest UNESCO World Heritage Site, studying the biological impacts of climate change on tuna abundance and migration patterns. Beyond the research, his experience living with Kiribati’s native communities imbued a deep sense of urgency to advocate for stronger local implementations of climate change mitigation policy. 

Prior to joining Earth Finance, Ben worked in several roles spanning the venture capital, private equity, and healthcare industries, developing investment theses to accelerate climate financing and infrastructure. Beyond climate, Ben cares deeply about queer mentorship, nutrition and food systems education, and curating the best soft lamp collection. 

Ben graduated from Brown University with a dual B.A. in Economics and East Asian History with an interest in sustainable development and climate trauma in Vietnam. During his time at Brown, he was a Presidential Scholar and served as the President and Co-Founder of the Brown Alternative Protein Project, a global university initiative launched alongside the Good Food Institute to expand alternative protein innovation and research.

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There is no better time to work on climate. I hold the firm belief that climate change can be addressed with urgency, honesty, and optimism — Earth Finance is doing exactly that.

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