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As an Earth Finance Analyst, Kisara brings experience in ESG, spatial, and quantitative data analysis to sustainability and decarbonization strategy projects.

Kisara has worked on environmental advocacy and education for the majority of her life. While starting in climate education, Kisara has worked on numerous projects ranging from fostering green entrepreneurialism at the University of Jordan to defining and measuring the impact of Austin’s brownfield redevelopment in the context of circular economics. 

Her passions lie in advancing a just, global energy transition and striving towards improved climate data quality and accessibility. Kisara's research places a deep emphasis on underscoring environmental justice and equity, especially as it relates to the spatial distribution of pollution and its remediation as well as the consequences of climate inaction. Inside and outside of Earth Finance, she hopes to continue pursuing thoughtful research related to spatial dynamics of environmental justice and earth observation applications for refining sustainability policy. 

Prior to Earth Finance, Kisara worked in a range of sustainability roles in state and local government; in the environmental advocacy nonprofit space; and on Deloitte’s ESG Audit and Assurance team. While at Deloitte, she supported client readiness for ever-changing sustainability regulations and disclosure. 

At the University of Texas at Austin, Kisara received a B.B.A. through the Canfield Business Honors Program and a triple B.A. in Sustainability, Geography Honors, and Humanities Honors with a Liberal Arts Honors Distinction. Her Humanities degree focuses on the spatial and social dimensions of sustainable development.

Kisara enjoys planning elaborate meals, attempting daily NYT mini-games, enduring casual runs or swims, strolling through her neighborhood, and reading anywhere outside.

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