the transition to a lower-carbon, regenerative economy

Earth Finance delivers strategy consulting and custom finance solutions that help the world's most innovative organizations embrace the journey to a lower-carbon, regenerative future.

Our unique approach

We work at the intersection of strategy, policy, finance, and science to help our clients unlock the greatest economic transition in history. Our deep domain expertise and interdisciplinary approach allows us to build, finance, and deploy credible transition strategies grounded in the financial, operational, and technical realities of today's businesses. Decarbonizing our economy and building thriving, regenerative business models is the work of our lifetime.

Our story

We envision a thriving, equitable, low-carbon global economy and a livable world for future generations. 

Annual global greenhouse gas emissions chart
Annual global greenhouse gas emissions chart
Annual global greenhouse gas emissions chart
Annual global greenhouse gas emissions chart
Annual global greenhouse gas emissions chart

We have
25 years
to build a regenerative future aligned with the letter and spirit of the Paris Agreement.

This accelerated global transition represents the greatest economic opportunity of our generation.

But we are off track.
Only 4%
of the world largest corporations have credible climate strategies.

Source: Net Zero Tracker

And even with today's policies, there is a 50% chance we will reach 3.4°C+ in warming by the end of the century.

Source: Climate Action Tracker

To reach Paris Agreement goals by
we need to build and deploy credible and financeable climate transition strategies.

These strategies require a mix of financial and technical acumen - and an unrelenting focus on operational viability.

We must accelerate progress and embrace business model innovation to close the gap between ambition and action.

It is a challenging road ahead. Together, we can meet this moment.

The journey to 2050

Earth Finance helps corporations, startups, investors, and public sector stakeholders navigate the hard - but rewarding - work of transitioning to a lower-carbon, regenerative economy.

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Growth and decarbonization together

The systemic changes required to achieve global climate and sustainability goals represent the greatest market opportunity of our era. We can accelerate this transition and build a thriving, equitable, and livable world for future generations.