Accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Earth Finance provides strategy consulting and capital solutions to help organizations accelerate their net zero objectives.

An interdisciplinary approach to climate transition planning

We are global leaders and pioneers with a profound belief that successful climate action lives at the intersection of strategy, policy, science, and capital.

We combine cross-sector domain expertise, industry experience, and influential relationships to unlock the greatest economic transition in history.

Climate Strategy

We help organizations design and implement new business models that accelerate climate action.

Climate Policy

We help organizations navigate the global landscape of national and subnational climate policy within the context of economic, social, and technological megatrends.

Climate Finance

We help organizations accelerate progress toward their climate goals with creative financing solutions.

Actionable solutions grounded in real world expertise

Our team provides organizations with insightful, actionable, and data-driven strategies - grounded in science and rooted in the nuanced needs of your specific industry.

We have deep expertise in:

Energy Transition

Climate Finance

Scope 3

Renewable and Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Financed Emissions

Carbon Markets

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We believe that for-profit and for-planet are one and the same. We guide companies and investors through the hard work of building a net zero future that creates a thriving, equitable, and livable world for future generations.