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Taku Shiozaki

Taku Shiozaki

Senior Analyst



Consumer and Retail expertise Consumer and Retail
Nature expertise Nature
Public Financing expertise Public Financing
Scope 3 expertise Scope 3


Inspired by the times spent in the pristine low-lying mountains and rivers in central Japan, Taku is a passionate, driven individual, dedicated to crafting win-win-win scenarios for both the people and the planet. Harnessing over five years of diverse experience spanning environmental land use planning, private and public land development, regenerative agriculture, and carbon removal, Taku embodies a relentless passion for driving positive change on a global scale.

Taku's journey commenced at The Altum Group, a land development consulting firm in Southern California, where he honed his expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of environmental regulatory processes. There, he cultivated a keen understanding of steering built-environment projects towards successful completions amidst regulatory complexities. Transitioning from urban landscapes to the fertile fields, Taku delved into hands-on experiences, immersing himself in regenerative livestock management at White Oak Pastures and organic crop production at Farmhouse Organics. In his most recent endeavor at UNDO, Taku assumed a pivotal role in orchestrating the strategic deployment of enhanced rock weathering projects across the Pacific Northwest.

Taku has a B.S in Environmental Science from the University of Redlands.