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Caleb Mayer is a Manager at Earth Finance where he focuses on sustainability and decarbonization strategies across the technology, healthcare and life sciences, finance, manufacturing, retail, and energy sectors.

Prior to Earth Finance, Caleb spent over four years at Point B, developing a passion not only for sustainability consulting but also for scaling internal tooling, building development programs for a virtual world, and mentoring others. Before that, he learned the startup world while working on an e-commerce platform.

Caleb is an Associate Board Member at The Bowery Mission where he uses his talents, network, and resources to provide compassionate care and life transformation for people experiencing homelessness in New York City. He is also involved with several other nonprofits in his community, providing pro-bono operational and social impact support. Outside of work, Caleb is an avid reader and has achieved the goal of reading an average of one book per week for the past four years. When he's not reading, he enjoys hosting friends for dinner, traveling, and fine-tuning his photography and cooking skills.

Caleb received a B.A. in Economics from Wheaton College with a focus on game theory.

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I'm excited about the work we're doing to help companies improve their bottom line while also securing a future we can be proud of. When I think about the world we could have if we make the right decisions and investments, I feel hope. It's rewarding to do something that builds and spreads hope in a time when many news stories can leave us drained. It's a privilege to have this rare opportunity.

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