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Josh Fujita-Yuhas

Senior Consultant

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Josh is a Senior Consultant at Earth Finance. He brings over four years of experience working at the intersection of sustainability, data, and financial services. He is a multi-disciplinary problem solver who enjoys working on the numerous challenges affecting human society and the planet.

Josh began working at Pitch Book Data, a financial services data provider, where he developed his understanding of how the financial services industry interfaces with other industry sectors. He built upon this experience as an impact and data analyst on HIP Investor’s municipal bond team, where he saw how data can be leveraged by investors to better quantify real world impact alongside financial return. He spent the next two years on Capgemini’s Insights and Data team, working with financial services clients on sustainability data strategy, financed emissions, biodiversity, and sustainable finance.

Josh is a firm believer that finance exists to serve society, and not as a mechanism for perpetuating the wealth of the few. As the global economy transitions from away an unsustainable status quo, he aims to leverage data and technology to integrate sustainable practices into the business models of clients and their stakeholders.

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