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Reuven Carlyle

Executive Vice President

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As a former Washington State Senator and seasoned entrepreneur in software and clean energy, CSO and Co-Founder of Earth Finance Reuven Carlyle, focuses on the complex intersection between the public and private sectors. 

Reuven is the architect of what are widely viewed as the most comprehensive state-level climate policies in the nation; crafted during his time as a Washington State Legislator (2009 – 2023) and chair of the state Senate Environment, Energy & Technology Committee (2017-2023). This sweeping package includes: cap & invest carbon pricing, clean fuel standards, 100% clean energy, environmental justice and equity, building efficiency standards, super pollutant policies, electrification of transportation, water quality and availability, and more.  

In addition to his public service, Reuven is a seasoned entrepreneur in the mobile, software and clean energy sectors. He serves on the board of directors of Toptana Technologies, a cable landing and backhaul network provider owned by the Quinault Indian Nation.

Reuven has a B.A. from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He and his wife, Dr. Wendy Carlyle, an anesthesiologist, have four fabulous children who are lighting up the world with grace, spunk, passion, and humility.

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The world needs multilingual ambassadors – people who speak the languages of financial capital, political capital, and natural capital. We have a remarkable opportunity to unite these worlds that have been at odds with each other for far too long. In the next 27 years, through hard work, prudent investing, policy change and aggressive decarbonization, I believe we will achieve a low-carbon future.

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